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Aegean Village in Cyclades – Wooden Collectible Set



Rectangles, squares, triangles and circles.
The so recognizable architecture of the famous Greek islands of Cyclades is based on the use of these basic shapes. Simplicity and functionality are the basic architectural principles that characterize the residential environment of the island. Blue and white the most “Greek” colors are in perfect harmony with the abstraction of the Aegean landscape.
The collection combines historical information, folk elements and Greek tradition with interactivity and modern design. Place it as a special decorative item and built your own version of Cyclades.
An environmentally friendly handmade interactive collectible set that will delight you with its excellent craftsmanship and originality.


* Consists of 7 unique pieces
* Recommended for children aged 3 years +
* Dimensions of set’s pieces:
Little House: 4,5 cm (Height) x 6 cm (Width) x 2 cm (Thickness)
Little House: 6 cm (Height) x 6 cm (Width) x 2 cm (Thickness)
Store: 7,5 cm (Height) x 9 cm (Width) x 2 cm (Thickness)
Big House: 9 cm (Height) x 6 cm (Width) x 2 cm (Thickness)
Church: 9 cm (Height) x 6 cm (Width) x 2 cm (Thickness)
Donkey: 5 cm (Height) x 5 cm (Width) x 2 cm (Thickness)
Stairs: 4,5 cm (Height) x 4,5 cm (Width) x 2 cm (Thickness)
* FSC certified Beech Wood of European origin
* Eco-friendly water-based paints, EN/71.3 certified
* Natural beeswax, EN/71.3 certified
* Eco friendly packaging
* Designed and handcrafted in Greece


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