Yourpieceofgreece was conceived under our urge to share.


Not something that belongs to us, but something we ourselves are constantly discovering too. Greece, even if you have been here or not, has a million stories to tell. So we thought, why not build a home for handpicked pieces of Greece that we would like to shelter and cherish.


In our minds, creators, Greek people with their minds and hands, are the very heart of all this.  By focusing to quality and careful selection of each item, we have put all our love to create a place where connections across the world are cultivated and memories can be born out of each piece.


Regardless of where your roots begin from, there is something here for you to add in your life. Even if it is a place that you may have never visited before, we are making it possible to feel like you are getting to know a little about its beauty. All this, simply by holding or looking at the item you have just acquired.


From the first moment, our idea was to honor as many gifts of our country as possible and show it to the world how it is possible for such a small place to spread so many branches. Every item in our selection carries a distinct element of Greece; it might be either its design or its concept, the origin of materials used or the image it depicts, honoring Greek Tradition and Culture, History, Philosophy or a part of our land.


You are all invited to join us in this journey of truly making Greece a piece of ourselves.