Blue – Cotton Towel (Pestemal)



A cotton towel that combines tradition with modern finesse.
One towel for many uses!
Take it with you at the beach, pool, spa, hamam, sauna, yoga, gym, picnic.
Wear it as a beach cover or a foulard.
Use it as a tablecloth for your dining table or as a drop for your sofa.


Cotton towels provide practical, cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions (they consume less cotton in production, also less water and detergent), which make our lives simpler and more beautiful.
Last but not least, these towels are unisex.


* Ηypoallergenic
* Quick dry & high absorbent
* Lightweight, easy folding & small to carry
* Respect to Human Rights
* Small ecological footprint
* Traditional technique woven with hand-knotted tassels
* 100% Greek & Natural cotton yarns


Made and designed in the island of Crete. We support a family weaving-business that keeps alive and unchanged this ancient art since 1980. Their products carry the Greek Tradition and Folk Heritage in the best possible version by using high quality yarns and raw materials.


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One towel for the whole world!
In Crete, “petseta-pestemali” or “makropetsa” were the names for the towels woven in the house-looms for the needs of housekeeping.
Pestemal for Turkish hamams, futah in France and Tunisia, sarong in Asia and Africa, among others.


Natural Greek cotton fibers soften with use and become delightfully absorbent. The towel is cool and allows the skin to breathe, it’s  hypoallergenic and does not cause any irritation. No harmful chemicals are used for printing (stamp), as yarn dyeing is used instead, a process that achieves longevity of colors after the color penetrates into the thread.



Their care is quite simple. Here’s how to keep your towels looking and feeling awesome:


* Soak your towel in cool water overnight, before the first use. This really helps your towel become more absorbent.
* Machine wash in 40º C using a gentle cycle.
* Do not use chlorine bleach!
* Avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets as these will make the fibers less absorbent.
* Cotton towels air dry super quickly. You can also tumble dry on low/medium.
* Steam iron on medium temperature.
* As a natural cotton effect, your towel may shrink by 5%.
* After 3-4 washes your towel will became even softer and more absorbent.

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