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Mood Of The Day soaps (box of 7)



A box set of 7 olive oil soaps, scented with 7 different exciting scents!
7 Soaps, 7 Moods, 7 Colours, 7 Scents. Choose a soap a day, choose your mood or even change your mood.
All made with olive oil, scented with essential oils, coloured with natural pigments.


*Natural, vegan and 100% biodegradable


Made and designed in the island of Aigina, Greece. A local, traditional workshop with a small production of handmade natural body care products. Everything is made with respect to Nature and animals, also supporting the commununity’s people.

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A set of 7 Mood of the day olive oil soaps.
Weight of each soap: 60 g
Weight of box: 420 g

Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Essentials Oils, Pigments & Oxydes
CURIOUS is yellow and smells of Rosemary & Sage
HAPPY is orange and smells of Citrus Fruits & Rosewood
LOVED is pink and smells of Jasmine & Bergamot
SEXY is red and smells of Ylang Ylang & Bay
CALM is violet and smells of Jasmine & Lavender
RELAXED is blue and smells of Lavender & Chamomile
LUCKY is green and smells of Lavender & Eucalyptus.

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