Koukouli – Face cleansing silk thimbles



Silk cocoon thimbles for face cleansing. They come packaged in a glass beauty jar.


* 100% Greek natural silk coccoon
* Natural and biodegradable
* Includes 14 thimbles


The silk cocoons were provided to “” from one of the few remaining local Silk Houses, a small family handicraft-workshop.


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Instructions of use:

Place the cocoons on your fingers like a thimble, and moisten them lightly with warm water. At the same time you have wet your face with hot water or you use them ideally after your bath, when the pores of the skin have been opened. Clean nose, forehead and chin with circular movements. This increases local circulation in the skin further helping to remove impurities.
Preferred use: 1 time every 15 days.

The micronutrients in the silkworm cocoon enter the pores of the skin and easily remove sebum and blackheads from it. So we achieve the best peeling in a natural and affortable way.

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