Greek Letters Chain (White/Black) – Porcelain mug



From “alpha” to “omega”, the Greek alphabet consists of 24 letters. Each one with its own shape, sound, forming numerous beautiful words of the Greek Language. These letters may seem like a work of art, following different lines and curves, but they also serve as symbols for sciences!
Letters “Π (pi)“, “Φ (phi)” and “Ω (omega)” are usually found sitting horizontally on the lines of a book or notebook. Now in a vertical chain, they play with our minds creating another perspective!


* Mug Height: 9 cm, Diameter:  8 cm
* Microwave & dishwasher safe
* Fine Porcelain Mug


Made in Athens, Greece. A designers’ team inspired by Greek culture in all its colours and shapes, has delivered a minimalistic range of lifestyle, everyday products.


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Ancient Greece

Artistic Style