Eros (Matte) – Ceramic mug



Ceramic mug with matte finish.
“The greatest pleasure of life is love”. Euripides said it and we believe it!
Eros is the ancient Greek word for “love”. He was the child of Afrodite, goddess of beauty and Ares, god of war.
This mug was made to carry your daily dosis of love.


* Silkscreen on-glaze print
* Cup Height: 9.50cm, Diameter:  8,00cm
* Fine Porcelain Mug


Made in Athens, Greece. A designers’ team inspired by Greek culture in all its colours and shapes, has delivered a minimalistic range of lifestyle, everyday products.


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Additional Information
Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 8.00 × 9.50 cm


Artistic Style



Ancient Greece