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Nous – Greek board game

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Nous [nús]- Νους is the Greek word for the mind, the highest power of knowledge where the intellect is born, in contrast with the emotion and will.

* Inspired and designed in Greece


Ages 3+
1 + Players

Basic description:

Nous [nús]- Νους is the Greek word for the mind, the highest power of knowledge where the intellect is born, in contrast with the emotion and will.
Can you use your mind to remember all the cards that have already been opened, so that you can combine the card you just opened with its “twin” and build a whole pile of won cards in front of you?
However, you must be careful! If your opponents’ memory is stronger than yours, they might collect all the cards and leave no cards for you. You should observe every card any player opens and, at the right time, grab your chance and start collecting your pairs. The more pairs you collect, the more possible it is that you become the Greek legend you have always dreamt to be!

“NOUS” is a game that strengthens the memory and the knowledge. The 52 durable cards have got vivid colors and minimalistic design, which makes them easy to memorize and the game with friends and family becomes more interesting. It includes all the important Gods and Heroes of the ancient Greek Mythology. From Zeus to Athena, from Hercules to Perseus, this classical game is a great introduction to Greek Mythology for children and adults.
Through the simple procedure of playing and learning, children learn to wait for their turn to play. All you need is a sharp mind, good memory and good knowledge of Gods and Heroes. The person who has all that, can be the Ancient Greek Legend of the game!

Game instructions:


The 52 game cards consist of 26 couples of matching characters of Ancient Greek Gods and Heroes. Mix the 52 cards and place them upside down one close to the other. Each player takes their turn opening 2 cards. If these cards contain the same character, the player takes them, puts them in a pile in front of them and continues to play in the same way until they open 2 cards that don’t contain the same character. When this happens, the player places the 2 different cards upside down and it’s the next player’s turn.
The game ends when all the cards have been matched, and the winner is the person with the most pairs on his pile.


Advanced edition:

Each couple of cards can give the players 1 extra point! You can win an extra point by mentioning that you know which God or Hero you just found. The player with the highest score is the big winner!

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