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Rhodes-Kos and Dodecanese – Coloring map



Coloring map on plain paper in “Rhodes-Kos and Dodecanese” theme.
“Rhodes-Kos and Dodecanese” are waiting to be coloured as your imagination desires. Once the whole map has been coloured, it can also decorate your wall, either as a poster or as a framed work of your own art!


Made and designed in Athens, Greece. A fresh concept of creative and educational gifts for all ages, inspired by the exciting Greek History and Mythology. An invitation to a colourful journey from Ancient to Modern Greece.

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Rhodes-Kos and Dodecanese
Two sided map, 44cm x 66cm, made of resistant paper, that can be coloured with coloured pencils, coloured markers and pastel crayons.
On its back side, it contains information in 4 languages: English, French, German and Italian.
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