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Anemos – Greek board game

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Can you be as fast as the wind and grab the kyona before you opponents do? Be careful though, symbols might look the same but they may just be similar. Be the first that has no cards in hand and become the Greek hero you always dreamed of being.
Anemos is a card game that tests your speed and visual skills. The 90 made to last cards have lively minimalistic ancient Greek symbols which will make you have a real blast with friends and family. Easy to set up, easy to play. All you need is a sharp eye, fast thinking, maybe some composure and a quick hand. A card game that tests your speed and observation.
No reading required to play.
Includes 84 pieces.


* Age: 8+
* Players: 2+


Made in Thessaloniki, Greece. A creative duo – graduates of Fine Arts and Architecture – that conceived a series of educational and entertaining products for kids and adults. Modern design and dynamic character bring out the richness of Greek Mythology and History.

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ANEMOS – (ANEMOS) is another card and speed game.
The design of this game is based on user research objects and symbols by region of ancient Greece. The cards contain per four identical designs, which players are asked to recognize as much as possible done quickly. The game also includes a handmade wood-carved column, which is the ‘trophy’ of the fastest player.

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