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Labyrinthos – Greek board game

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A fun game of strategy and luck. A different story through the eyes of the Minotaur and a lesson for life!
Wander through the Labyrinth, collect items that will help you on your way, win the Minotaur and head quickly to the exit before one of your teammates takes your golden horns and wins the glory and the heart of Ariadne!


* Age: 5+
* Players: 2-4


Made in Thessaloniki, Greece. A creative duo – graduates of Fine Arts and Architecture – that conceived a series of educational and entertaining products for kids and adults. Modern design and dynamic character bring out the richness of Greek Mythology and History.

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Experience the mythical adventure of Theseus and duel with the fearless Minotaur to free the Athenians from the curse once and for all! A game without winners and losers, since what wins in the end is only love!
A board game from 2 to 4 players that will make you ‘get lost’ in its crazy rhythms!

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