Trojan Horse (Blue) – Wooden Collectible Toy



Ancient Greeks gave to the most famous trick of their time the form of a wooden horse. A mythological collectible in the form of the Trojan Horse is the best opportunity to meet the epics of Homer and to discover the greatness of Greek culture and mythology. Following the love of ancient Greeks for simple lines and simple design, we imagined a collectible in the form of the Trojan Horse painted in classical Greek colors.
Place it as a special collectible item and give a mythical essence to the decoration of your space.


* Recommended for children aged 3 year +
* Dimensions: 10,3 cm (Height) * 9,2 cm (Length) * 2 cm (Thickness)
* FSC certified Beech Wood of European origin
* Eco- friendly chalk-based lacquer, EN/71.3 certified
* Protection water-based varnish, EN/71.3 certified
* Eco friendly packaging
* Designed and handcrafted in Greece


Made in Chania, Crete. A small family business in the form of a workshop gives us a special collection of wooden handmade decorative objects and toys that help children’s spiritual and emotional development.


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