Domi – Greek board game (Domino)



The game DOMI – (DOMI) is an entertaining game of recognizing and combining images & numbers, aimed at both kids and adults.
Kids are called to recognize Gods and Heroes and then place a domino card with the same character as the one that is at the end of the already placed cards. The colours on the background of every character can seem useful for younger kids, which are helped by recognizing these colours. On the back of these cards, you can see the traditional dots/points, for kids who have just started to learn the numbers.
No reading required to play.


* Includes 28 durable cards in vivid colors
* Players: 2-4
* Age: 3+
* 100% BPA, lead and phthalate free
* Recyclable packaging
* Designed and crafted in Greece


Made in Thessaloniki, Greece. A creative duo – graduates of Fine Arts and Architecture – that conceived a series of educational and entertaining products for kids and adults. Modern design and dynamic character bring out the richness of Greek Mythology and History.



Domi [doh-mee] – ΔΟΜΗ is the Greek word for internal structure, which connects the separate similar or dissimilar elements of a whole or a system, the construction.
It is a 2 in 1 domino puzzle Game, where children have the opportunity to play this classic game either from the traditional side of the numbers or from the back side, where selected characters of Greek History and Mythology are depicted.
Can you recognize all the Ancient Greek Gods and Heroes that must be placed next to their matching character to continue the structure of the game? However, you have to be careful! If the matching character is not in the cards that you have in your hands, you will have to keep drawing cards until you find one that matches! Try to be the first that places the most matching card and stop your opponents from placing their cards before you do, so that you become the Greek legend that you always dreamt of!
The 28 made to last cards have lively minimalistic, colorful sketches, featuring 7 of the most significant ancient Greek Gods and Heroes will make you have a real blast with friends and family.

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