Athlos – Greek board game



A game of comparison and critical thought.
An epic battle based on observation and the ability to choose right.
No reading required to play.


* Includes 28 cards
* Players: 3+
* Age: 5+
* 100% BPA, lead and phthalate free
* Recyclable packaging
* Designed and crafted in Greece


Made in Thessaloniki, Greece. A creative duo – graduates of Fine Arts and Architecture – that conceived a series of educational and entertaining products for kids and adults. Modern design and dynamic character bring out the richness of Greek Mythology and History.


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The game ATHLOS is addressed to all ages. It is a competitive card game. Each of the 28 cards corresponds in a character of ancient Greek History and Mythology. For all characters used has been thoroughly researched in Greek and foreign bibliography, in order to derive its particular features and their abilities to be graded according to a specific scale. This information is collected on each card of the characters mentioned above, and the players invoke them in order to excel in favor of their opponents.


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