Fishbone – Artistic Cycladic Head without base | Greek products

Fishbone – Artistic Cycladic Head without base



Artistically handpainted triangled head with a fishbone.
Modern Art meets Cycladic Art.


* Colour: Light beige
* Height: 18 cm
* Material: Limestone
*100% eco-friendly


Product made upon demand. Gets shipped within 10-14 business days.


 This exclusive collection combines the simplicity of Cycladic Art with the creativity of Modern Art. Unique, talented artists have been inspired by the beauty of Greece in various different ways, each one of them expressing their emotions on the “canvas” of a plain, Cycladic idol or Cycladic head. Every piece is painted by hand down to the last detail, introducing us to a new perpective of Cycladic Art as we know it.

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Additional Information
Weight 0.890 kg
Dimensions 18 cm