Peleus and Thetis – Silk scarf



Square-shaped silk scarf in burgundy, framed with off-white colour. Its center is decorated with Peleus and Thetis in a blue-black and white circle.
This superb depiction presents Peleus defying the snakes of the godly transformation of Thetis, biting him all over his body, with the roaring lion hooked on his back. The grip of Peleus as he interlocks his hands and fingers around Thetis forms the shape of the meander, who then became known as the ancient Greek symbol of victory against Gods.


* 105cm * 105cm
* 100% Greek natural silk
* Hem on the machine and angles on the hand
* Digital Print, designed in Greece
* Paper gift envelope included


Made and designed in Soufli – also known as “The village of silk” – located in Thrace, in northern Greece. We support one of the few remaining local Silk Houses, a small family handicraft-workshop. An exquisite collection with the texture of silk.


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This is the story of Peleus, a mortal man who fell in love with Thetis, goddess of the sea and the leader of the fifty Nereides, who had the power to change her shape at will.

Peleus was instructed to ambush her on the beach at night, grab her tight in his arms and not let her go as she would transform herself into a host of shapes – be it a snake, lion, fire or water – in her attempt to escape. Thanks to his passion for the goddess, he patiently won over all her angry transformations. She then had no other choice but to give in to his love!


Instructions of care:


Hand wash in lukewarm water.
Let it airdry horizontaly on a flat surface.
Store flat and untied.

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