Olive Leaves – silk scarf

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Royal blue silk scarf, decorated with off-white olive leaves.

The olive tree has been the symbol of goddess Athena. According to the Ancient Greek tradition, home of the olive tree is Athens, as the first one was planted by Athena herself in the Acropolis.

It is considered a sacred tree since the ancient times and is under the protection of goddess Athena. As the ancient myth reminds us, in the competition among the Gods for the designation of the protector of Athens which was held in the holy Hill of Acropolis, Athena was the winner, gifting to the Athenians the first olive tree of the world, which grew where she hit her spear.


* 130cm x 33,50cm
* Packaged in paper envelope
* Digital print on 100% Greek, natural silk

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Weight 0.070 kg
Dimensions 130 × 33.5 cm

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